Eligibility Criteria

Individual universities and programs each have their own set of eligibility requirements, but do expect English language proficiency test requirements, as well as a completed HKDSE diploma or a completed IB Diploma, or other Secondary Education diplomas up to the consideration of the university. Specific programs may also require AP or SAT subject tests. Please read the eligibility requirements of your desired university and program carefully and make your preparations as early as possible. If you have enquiries or need clarifications on eligibility, email the university admissions directly, or email us for questions specific to the scholarship application.

The Application Process

Our application process takes place annually in February/March. Shortlisted candidates are notified at least two weeks before their final interview date.

Our committees review all applications and invite shortlisted candidates to attend online interviews. These interviews are an opportunity for candidates to connect with one another, meet the local leaders who serve as our interviewers, and gain valuable interview experience. All interviews are conducted in English.

The committee then deliberates and chooses <x> scholarships for that year.

Please note: the deliberations of our selection committees are confidential. All decisions are final and not eligible for appeal.

Pathway to Citizenship

The Canadian government has issued a special guidance on how an education in Canada could be a pathway to citizenship for Hong Kong passport holders as well as Hong Kong BNO passport holders. Please click here to read more.