• Stanton Sharpe- Photog Bio

    Stanton Sharpe

    Stanton Sharpe is a documentary photographer and writer based in Southeast & East Asia. He works primarily on stories in Myanmar, Bangladesh and Vietnam with a focus on conflict journalism and stories of displaced people. He is currently based in Hong Kong where he is covering the protests and Hong Kong politics. You can see more of his work, including live coverage of the protests on his Instagram @statnonsharpe.

  • Walid Berrazeg

    Born in Algeria (1988), Walid Berrazeg is a freelance documentary photographer and photojournalist.

    While working in IT, Walid launched into street photography, which led him to cover the Parisian protests of recent years.

    Today, he focuses his work on the East Asia region, centered on social and political movements in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

    There are also two long-term projects underway: a first around the “Revolution of the Smile” in Algeria, as well as a second entitled “Suburbia”, dealing with the sensitive suburbs of the United States where it highlights the “re-appropriation” of the street by the locals.

    Walid Berrazeg – Photog Bio
  • Simon Jankowski

    Simon is a freelance photographer currently residing in Asia and covering global protests such as Hong Kong and Climate Change. Simon originally started in photography covering WRC in Australia.

    Simon Jankowski- Photog Bio
  • Oliver Haynes – Photog Bio

    Oliver Haynes

    Oliver Haynes is an Australian journalist currently based in Manila, Philippines. Originally from Albury, New South Wales, Oliver earned a Bachelor of Communications (Politics and Economies) with distinction from RMIT University in 2013. Following a five year stint working in communications and international development in the Philippines, Singapore and Australia, Oliver shifted his focus solely to visual storytelling in early 2019. To date, his work has been published with Rappler, The Telegraph, TIME and CNBC, among other international publications and news networks. His areas of interest include Asian politics, human trafficking, civil rights, and the street photography genre.

  • Matthew Hatcher – Photog Bio

    Matthew Hatcher

    Matthew Hatcher is a freelance photojournalist living in Columbus, Ohio. After the newspaper I worked at as a staff photographer laid off its photo department in 2017, I began freelancing in the Midwest. My first breakthrough as a freelancer was covering the violence of the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Since Charlottesville I have covered the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, The War in Ukraine, Prodemocracy protests in Hong Kong, and the Opioid Crisis in America. The aim of my work is to show the struggles that people caught in the middle of difficult situations face on a daily basis. 

  • Marissa Reyes Beckmann

    Graphic Designer and Photographer from México, based in Hong Kong since 2011. Very passionate about portraying authentic human emotions and connections, street life, culture and social issues through emotionally anchored Photography and writing. 

    Marissa Reyes Beckmann – Photog Bio
  • Keith Tsuji – Photog Bio

    Keith Tsuji

    Never content to do one thing at a time, photographer Keith Tsuji is a true multi-talented artist. Keith’s passion for graphic design and illustration have, in recent years, evolved to embrace the art of photography. His work journals the places he has lived, including: Taiwan, his birthplace; Hong Kong, where he received his design diploma; Los Angeles, where he spent most of his time and earned his bachelor’s degree.

    Keith is now splitting his time between Tokyo and Hong Kong and continuing as a contract photographer for Getty Images. He also provides lifestyle, family and animal photography services.

  • Ben Marans

    Ben Marans is a Canadian freelance photographer based in Hong Kong. His passion lies in telling stories about social change, documenting and sharing the work of those that are putting people and the planet first. Ben has been shooting the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong since the beginning, focusing less on the frontline protesters and police and more on the diverse community members supporting the movement as well as the lasting impacts on their neighbourhoods. When not behind the lens, Ben leads programs in the non-profit sector, including his role as Chief Experience Officer for Photographers Without Borders. 

    Ben Marans – Photog Bio
  • Angus Mordant – Photog Bio

    Angus Mordant

    Angus Mordant is a freelance photojournalist based in New York City.

    Mordant was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, but moved to New York in 2013 to study at the International Center of Photography. After graduating in 2014, he spent a year interning for Mary-Ellen Mark.

    Angus’ work has appeared in a wide range of publications including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald, The New York Daily News, and The Washington Post. 

  • Alex Wan

    Alex Wan is a Hong Kong based photographer and videographer. Graduated in the United States with an Art and Film Degree. Passionate in photography and videography varying from street, landscape, portrait, and travel. In every shoot, he forgets about the hustle and focuses on capturing the real moment.

    Alex Wan – Photog Bio
  • Aidan Marzo – Photog Bio

    Aidan Marzo

    Aidan Marzo (b. 1996) is an award-winning photojournalist born, raised and based in Hong Kong. At university in the States, he experimented with various kinds of photography, including fashion, portraiture and sports photography. In the Fall of 2018, he created Night Job, a photographic journey into the lives of people working the night shift in Washington DC.


    Upon graduating cum laude in 2019, Aidan returned to Hong Kong to cover the anti-extradition bill protests. His images have been published in various international news platforms such as The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, CNBC and CNN.

  • Adryel Talamantes

    Adryel Talamantes is a photojournalist from California, based in Bangkok, Thailand since 2015. His photography has been published by outlets including WSJ, USA TODAY, Le Monde, Nikkei Asian Review, VICE, The Diplomat, Speigel Online, and Bild among others. The focus of his work centers on news, travel, and human interest topics. He has covered a variety of stories including the aftermath of the conflict with ISIS in Iraq, persecution of the Rohingya in Myanmar, and a wide range of stories in South East Asia. He spent 10 weeks in Hong Kong covering the protest movement from August to October 2019.

    Adryel Talamantes – Photog Bio
  • Adam Malamis – Photog Bio

    Adam Malamis

    Adam Malamis

  • Aaron Guy Leroux – Photog Bio

    Aaron Guy Leroux

    Aaron Guy Leroux is an independent photojournalist & documentary photographer. He has spent the past six years covering protests movements, the refugee crisis, and other political and cultural issues. His work, at its core, is concerned with the manifestations of power, and its effects on our world.

    Aaron’s work has appeared in The Economist, CNN, The New Statesman, Huffington Post, Metro UK, Law Gazette, The News Lens HK, The Diplomat and, Counterpoints.

  • Aiden Anderson

    Aiden Anderson, a photojournalist living and working in Hong Kong. Worked in the protests from August 2019 onwards.

    Aiden Anderson – Photog Bio
  • Abhishek Desai – Photog Bio

    Abhishek Desai

    Abhishek Desai is an Ideator by day and a documentary photographer by hobby. He lives in Hong Kong and runs a concept-driven design studio by the name of Pop & Zebra. He considers himself a free thinker and a gifted cake eater.

  • Cravis Wong

    Cravis is a graphic designer, photographer, videographer, calligrapher…Even more, a force to take to the streets Hong Konger

    Cravis Wong – Photog Bio
  • Dennis Lindbom – Photog Bio

    Dennis Lindbom

    Dennis Lindbom is a Swedish photographer, graphic designer, and former politician. He believes that actions speak louder than words so that’s why he works as a documentary photographer wholeheartedly. With a focus on conflict photography, he has been covering the protests in Hong Kong since November of 2019 and their effects on individual Hongkongers involved and how it plays an important role on the world stage.

  • Terry Higgins

    Terry Higgins is a student of Geography and Political Science. His focus on institution statecraft and discretionary power led him to East Asia where he has been based since 2015.

    Terry Higgins – Photog Bio
  • Anter Hoi – Photog Bio

    Anter Hoi

    Anter Hoi is a freelance photographer. Born and raised in Macau. Anter gained her Bachelor’s degree in Communications (Creative Media) from the University of Macau. She is passionate about lifestyle, culture, and social issues. Keep traveling alone with her lens.

  • Isaac Wong

    Isaac Wong (b. 1998) is a Hong Kong-based independent documentary photographer and photojournalist. Isaac has recently graduated from Hong Kong University. As the Anti-extradition Bill Movement erupted in 2019, he began to work as a photojournalist to document and show the world the blood, tears, and sweat of the Movement and the everyday life of the city he calls home. Isaac has collaborated with student media outlets such as Campus TV, HKUSU. His work has been featured by Getty Images Reportage on Instagram. 

    Isaac Wong – Photog Bio
  • Ivan Ng – Photog Bio

    Ivan Ng

    Ivan is an Independent commercial and documentary photographer, specializing in professional product, portrait, fashion, lifestyle, and photojournalism-related imagery. 

    Growing up in Hong Kong, Southern California, (and also Hawai’i), Ivan takes artistic approaches unique to the east and west to bring out the most melodic contrast between light, color, shapes, and lines to create the ideal impact and impression.

  • James Hunter

    James Hunter is a self-representing Australian freelance photojournalist and IT professional. Driven by a passion to document the truth and a hungry risk appetite, Hong Kong was his first successful endeavor into conflict journalism.

    James Hunter – Photog Bio
  • Jay Lam – Photog Bio

    Jay Lam

    Jay Lam is an independent documentary photographer based in Hong Kong. Her experience with photography began in 2003, and she was compelled to re-enter the field in late 2019 as she witnessed the city’s fight for democracy as both peaceful protests and violence unfolded on the streets. In addition to conflict photography, she also enjoys documenting the ever-evolving art and graffiti created by protestors and the minor yet significant changes in everyday life brought about by the development in Hong Kong’s sociopolitical environment. Jay supports the fight for democracy while striving to maintain a neutral standpoint in her reporting.

  • Katherine Cheng

    A graduate of International Relations and Development Studies, Katherine is a photographer from Canada currently based in Hong Kong. Driven to tell stories of social resistance, the climate crisis, and Chinese geopolitics, she strives to approach visual storytelling through a decolonial lens. Having previously worked with Climate Tracker and Photographers without Borders, she will be starting the Master of Journalism program at the University of Hong Kong in the fall of 2020. With her work most recently appearing in The Guardian, Vox, and Forbes, she is currently also a member of Authority Collective and Diversify Photo.

    Katherine Cheng – Photog Bio
  • Katherine Li – Photog Bio

    Katherine Li

    Freelance journalist from Hong Kong, former university student magazine editor, and current student majoring in journalism at UC Berkeley. I started my reporting career during a troubled time for the city I consider home, so although I’ve mostly been a text reporter, the anti-extradition protests have called for the need to chronicle events not just through words, but through photojournalism. There are details in images that tell stories that transcend language, and no matter the outcome of these turbulent times, these pictures will remain a part of our collective memory to remind us of ideas we value. 

  • Kiran Ridley

    Since picking up a camera at the age of 16, Kiran was enthralled at the ability to capture and bear witness to history. Fascinated by people and the human condition, Kiran is passionate about documenting the world, capturing the human dynamic as well as the unexpected.

    Multi-award-winning, working throughout Europe and Asia his work concentrates on social-political topics and the human experience. His photographs are published throughout the world, distributed through Getty Images, or exhibited through his social media channels

    Kiran’s work on pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong has won several awards, most notably the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award and the TAPSA Award.

    Kiran Ridley – Photog Bio
  • Kristýna Macháčková – Photog Bio

    Kristýna Macháčková

    Kristýna Macháčková is a freelance photojournalist currently completing her Master’s degree in Journalism at Charles University in Prague. During her semester at Hong Kong Baptist University, she worked with Czech national media to document the ongoing pro-democracy movement. 

    Apart from covering anti-government protests in Hong Kong and Chile, she also focuses on long-term social documentary projects.

  • Michiko Kiseki

    I’m a documentary and portrait photographer.

    Born in Belgium and spent my childhood in Hong Kong and France. Graduating from Nihon University College of Art in Photography. At the age of 27, I’ve been working as a freelance photographer, for Musician, Fashion, and Documentary.

    I held my solo exhibition 4 times in Tokyo.

    When I felt that I had kind of lost my way in life, I decided to go to Hong Kong to take pictures, where I had lived for 3 and a half years during my childhood. I have been staying in Hong Kong to create new artwork for documentaries of Hong Kong life since July 2019. Now I’m based in Tokyo and Hong Kong.

    Michiko Kiseki – Photog Bio
  • Madeleine Kelly – Photog Bio

    Madeleine Kelly

    Madeleine Kelly is an emerging freelance photojournalist with a Bachelor’s degree in History from the University of Colorado. Her primary focus is international civil unrest and human rights education. Based in Denver Colorado, Madeleine has covered both the Hong Kong Protests of 2019 and the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. 

  • Man Yuen Lam

    Man Yuen Lam is a passionate street photographer from Hong Kong. As we know Hong Kong is an Asian metropolitan city but we can still feel the heritage and human touch from the past. Nam enjoys witnessing and recording the changes of this small but essential oriental city by walking through those streets and paths.

    Man Yuen Lam – Photog Bio
  • Mohnish Daryanani – Photog Bio

    Mohnish Daryanani

    Mohnish Daryanani is a local Hong Kong photographer and videographer with a degree in Creative Media. He uses photography as a medium to explore various topics to convey messages that cannot be described by words.

  • Remy Soubanere

    Remy Soubanere is an Independent documentary and fine arts photographer based in Paris, France. Interested in effects of insurrections and imaginary of urban spaces. Covering Hong Kong protests for French online newspaper Mediapart.

    Remy Soubanere – Photog Bio
  • Moyung Lam – Photog Bio

    Moyung Lam

    Moyung Lam is a photographer based in Hong Kong. He specializes in street photography, urban images, and humanities photography.

  • Scott Mallon

    Scott Mallon spends his days traveling throughout Southeast Asia, camera in hand, laptop strapped to his back, searching for photos worth delivering to the world while at the same time contributing to his immortality. His words and images have been featured by HBO Sports, the Bangkok Post, the Phuket Gazette, Marie Claire (Canada), Irrawaddy Magazine, Ring Magazine, Boxing Digest, Boxing News, Black Belt Magazine, Muay Lok, and various other publications.

    In 2008, Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University exhibited his photographs from the Beijing Olympics in “One World, One Dream.” He currently lives in Bangkok with his wife Beau, two sons Alex and Nick, and their dog Odie.

    Scott Mallon – Photog Bio
  • Sean Fleck- Photog Bio

    Sean Fleck

    Sean Fleck is a stock footage photographer/documentary filmmaker based in Southern California.  He graduated from the University of Miami with a degree in Motion Pictures and Sociology in 1997.    Specializing in time-lapse photography in both natural and urban settings, his stock video footage has been used in countless commercials, documentaries, and television shows around the world. 

  • Seth Herald

    Seth Herald (b.1991) is a self-taught American documentary photographer currently based in Ypsilanti, Michigan. He works across the U.S. and Internationally covering major news events and stories, for national and international publications and news wire services his work has a focus on social issues, social unrest, and conflict. In 2015, His work in Southern Indiana looked at the impact of the HIV epidemic in Scott County, Indiana, and was recognized by the Indiana Associated Press Awards for best continuous coverage of a single event and best news series.

    Seth Herald – Photog Bio
  • Wouter Sterrenburg – Photog Bio

    Wouter Sterrenburg

    Wouter Sterrenburg is a university student and freelance (news)photographer from The Netherlands, who did an exchange at The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2019. During his exchange, he documented many protests, including the night of November 12th at CUHK. His photos are published by CNN as well as Dutch national news outlets.

  • Kan Wing Tung

    Kan Wing Tung (b.1998) is a freelance photographer born and raised in Hong Kong, covering daily news events. Kan is currently studying Liberal Studies Education major at the Education University of Hong Kong. She has worked as a journalist for the Student Editorial Board of the University and her works appear on The Reporter (Taiwan). She now focuses on recording the social and political issues of Hong Kong.

    Kan Wing Tung – Photog Bio