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    The Nature of Water is a multi-city photographic exhibition sharing the collective work of photojournalists who were on the ground, covering the 2019 Anti-Extradition Treaty Protests in Hong Kong. The exhibition seeks to illuminate stories and ideas that go far beyond the headlines of conventional media coverage.

    Our fast-moving global media environment tends to purge nuance and gloss over complexity, in favor of delivering small digestible bits of information. The Nature of Water embraces complexity by exploring a variety of themes including police intervention, control and influence, the role and uses of power in society, cultural division with long histories, the role of propaganda, leadership, and resilience, and the effects of disruption to the daily life of a society. 

    TNOW endeavors to share this important body of work by bringing photos, artifacts, artwork, and human stories to major world cities with the goal of making the struggle of the citizens of Hong Kong real, and to put their fight into context. It will quickly become apparent that despite the distance, cultural divide, and differing histories, there are a set of human values for which we all yearn, and a brave and desperate few are willing to fight for.

    We invite you to step out of our world for a moment, and join us on the streets of Hong Kong and to experience The Nature of Water.


    10% of all revenue will be donated to the Heep Hong Society to help children and youth with diverse needs

    Photo by: Adam Malamis, 2019