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    Hong Kong and Canada have always been an inspiration to one another. The shared values and socioeconomic ties between them have fostered synergies between the two communities for decades. However, Hong Kong is also a city of massive wealth disparity. As such, not everyone has equal access to educational opportunities. By supporting Hong Kong youths who live in hardship to come and pursue their post-secondary studies at Canadian universities, we are investing in the bright future of both peoples.

    In August 2021, The Nature of Water launched an international fundraising campaign to endow The Nature of Water Scholarship Fund with a minimum of one million Canadian dollars. The funds raised from this campaign will provide scholarships to Hongkongers in need who want to continue their studies in Canada with the resources necessary to cover the costs of their education and materials.

    Canadian universities have a rich history of educating migrants and overseas students, and aiding their home communities through knowledge and academic exchanges. HongKongers will be able to benefit from studying in Canada, while Hong Kong will benefit from further access to academic exchanges. Please see the application page for details the scholarship and details on applying.

    This fund is a way for our collective of photojournalists to honor and give something back to the people of Hong Kong who have been so open-hearted and generous to us as journalists throughout the course of our work to cover the story of the 2019 Anti-Extradition Protests. Each member of our collective has very personal stories whose common thread is the generosity and support of Hongkongers.

    We believe that every Hongkonger deserves a bright future.

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    Our finances are transparent and available upon request. 100% of your donation goes directly to the scholarship. Our administrative expenses are covered out of pocket by our board, and by generous small business sponsors.

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    Amy Au
    Director, PR & Communications

    Aaron Leroux

    Adam Malamis